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Support Our Public Schools

Jake will help reform the abatement process so that tax abatements for developers stop taking money from our public schools. He also believes strongly in the progress that has been made under Superintendent Lyles, which is increasing the quality of education in Jersey City. He'll stand with Dr. Lyles.  

Right now one-third of Downtown's properties do not pay into our public schools because of our current abatement practice. And this past summer millions of dollars of state aide to our schools were cut. It is only going to get worse next year. We need our abated properties to step up to the plate and chip in. That is why Jake is proud to be running alongside Councilman Chris Gadsden from Ward B. Councilman Gadsden has introduced legislation to stop abatements from taking money from our public schools once and for all. 

Jake campaign managed progressive candidates for the Board of Education in 2012 and 2013. Many of those candidates went on to serve admirably and were instrumental in the selection of our superintendent, Dr. Marcia Lyles. Under her leadership, the schools have taken a holistic approach. Free breakfasts are provided. Students who need wake-up calls get them. College preparation is available to all rather than to a select number. As a result, our drop-out numbers are down and the quality of education is up! Unfortunately, the current administration hasn't made Dr. Lyles's job easy, but Jake will stand with Dr. Lyles and our schools' recent progress. 

Finally, so far only one Downtown developer has built a public school as a condition of their construction process. But we need to ask this of developers more often. As more people move to Jersey City, overcrowding increases at our schools. What's more, one-fourth of our public school buildings are over 100 years old. We need more new schools. 

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