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Jake Hudnut is a fighter! As councilman, he'll take on an aggressive agenda to move Downtown forward.

Stand For Responsible Development & Affordability

Jake isn’t afraid to take on special interests. He pledges to require developers to build more inclusive housing and contribute to the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Jake will scrutinize the tax abatement process for development projects, opposing any abatements that take money from our public schools.

Promote Transparency

Jake will bring government to the people by keeping regular office hours and holding open meetings across Downtown.

Take On The Port Authority

PATH fares keep increasing, but service hasn’t met our city’s growing population. The Port Authority is out of control and unaccountable. Reform has stalled in Trenton, and we need local leaders like Jake who aren’t afraid to stand up to this agency.

Support Our Public Schools

Jake will help reform the abatement process so that tax abatements for developers stop taking money from our public schools. He also believes strongly in the progress that has been made under Superintendent Lyles, which is increasing the quality of education in Jersey City. He'll stand with Dr. Lyles.  

Reform Rent Control

The cost of living in Jersey City is rising, and Jake is committed to revising our rent control ordinances to cover more residents.

Safe Streets

In 2016, over 500 pedestrians were struck by cars in Jersey City. This is a public health crises that must stop. Jersey City must enact National Complete Streets Coalition and NACTO policies and redesign our streets. 

Keep Downtown Clean & Green

Downtown can and should lead the city in public trash and recycling receptacles – following the example of other large cities. Jake will also promote sustainability and responsible storm water management. 

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